Tri-County School Corporation

School Board Information

  • Don Pampel, President
  • Robert Gerber, Vice President
  • Kyle Arvin, Secretary
  • Rachel Cantrell, Member;
  • Dr. Brandi Schemerhorn, Member
  • Jason Kilmer, Member
  • Brian Melchi, Member

Meeting Information
  • School Board meetings are the second Monday of every month at 7:00 PM.

Meeting Minutes

November 16, 2017

TO: Media

FROM: Dr. Kathy Goad, Tri-County School Corporation

RE: Executive Session and Regular School Board Meeting, Monday, November 13, 2017.

The Tri-County School Board met for their Regular meeting on Monday, November 13, 2017. The following topics were covered:

1. Dr. Goad introduced Mr. Jim Thompson, from Gibraltar Design, and Mr. Thompson introduced Mr. Joe Briggs. Mr. Thompson and Mr. Briggs presented a proposed plan for the possible swimming pool renovations. They focused on the aspect of age of the mechanicals, the destressed finish, and the need for repair or replacement of the locker rooms. Mr. Gerber asked about the life of the pool if nothing was done, and they both said maybe a year without doing anything, but then we would have to decide either to renovate it or close it.

2. Dr. Goad introduced Mrs. Karen Ward and Mr. Larry Crabb, representing the White County Retired Teachers. Mrs. Ward and Mr. Crabb awarded a $500 check to Tri-County Intermediate School for an Active Teacher Grant that Mrs. Mandy Taulman wrote for her TCI 6th Grade Club Day Organization, named Lots of Bosses. This money will be used to fund this organization.

3. Under the Visitor’s Comments, Ms. Karen Lowry, CTO Vice President, thanked the Board and the Negotiation team and appreciated the partnership between them and the teachers. The teachers gave each Board member a plate of cookies.

4. Ms. Hall announced the Students of the Month: Tri-County Primary School – Emilie Bullington, Lucas Hernandez Mrs. Aimee Clark announced the Students of the Month: Tri-County Intermediate School – Harlee Garner, Luke Voors

Mr. McCracken announced the Students of the Month: Language Arts – Taylor Pinkerton Fine Arts – Madison Metzinger Social Studies – Ethan Greer Math – Jacob Nelson PE/FACS/Health – Keahi Zussman CTE(Agriculture) – Blayne Vandeveer

Tri-County High School – Angela Ticen Tri-County Junior High School – Autumn Ross, Connor Schultz



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